Whilst making a Will may be considered a daunting exercise and something that can be left until later in life, preparing this legal document now will ensure that your property and possessions pass to those people who you love and wish to benefit and that your children are cared for and protected appropriately.

We can provide advice on:

We can also help plan suitable Wills for those in second marriages with more than one family to consider, and for civil partners or unmarried couples who own property jointly, or who run a business which cannot be split or sold.

Often we will advise you to incorporate trusts into your Will in order to protect children or other vulnerable members of your family, and in order to preserve your property, possessions and business.

Once your Will is signed and made legal and effective, Burlingtons offers a free storage facility to ensure your Will’s safekeeping.

If you would like to discuss making a Will please contact Deborah Mills, Senior Partner, on

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3 November 2014:: Privée Magazine launched

Privée magazine, a joint venture developed by Burlingtons and other Privée Professional members in conjunction with Office Privée PLC, was launched in September 2014.

Privée provides diversity and in-depth knowledge across a raft of professional services and lifestyle interests including the Privée Privilege Card which allows individual and corporate clients a range of exclusive discounts and benefits on the provision of professional services as well as other luxury goods and services advertised in the Privée magazine.

For further information visit the following link: