Oil & Gas

Energy demands have clearly become a defining issue of this century and the changing face of the international energy sector is driven by the increasing need to rely on renewable energy sources to balance our ongoing dependence on fossil fuels.

Having historically gained extensive expertise in the oil and gas and natural resources sectors, where our senior partner, Deborah MIlls, is recognised as a market leader, we have over recent years worked on a number of clean energy projects.

We have advised on multi-million dollar projects for many years from the development and construction of refinery, chemical and industrial plants to a wide range of other infrastructure projects in the UK and overseas - including power stations, exploitation projects and pipeline construction.

In the clean energy sector our team was the first to advise on the injection of biomethane into the gas network and projects range from wind farms to energy conservation, CHP and waste to energy plants.

We have represented regulatory bodies, host states, state oil and gas companies, listed companies, contractors, financial institutions, independents and global majors.